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Baileys cocktail froyo


This cocktail-froyo-whatever-it-is is delicious. It’s boozy, but thick enough to be consumed with a spoon. And it contains frozen yoghurt! Sure, it’s not good for you, but it could be worse, right? Anyway, it makes me feel less bad about drinking it alone because my husband is teetotal.


1 oz Baileys Irish Cream (about 30ml)
1 oz chocolate liqueur
50g low fat frozen yoghurt

Makes 1 glass – it’s very filling
Calories: 250

This is one of the reasons I love my Kenwood mini chopper. For most small items (pesto, fish cakes, sauces, dips) you simply bung everything into the mixer and off you go. No getting out the food processor because it’s small enough to keep on the counter.

Anyway, as far as instructions go, put all the ingredients in a blender of some sort, and blend. Scoop into a glasses and serve. Eating a solid cocktail from a posh glass with a spoon is extremely satisfying.