The fastest noodles ever


This recipe is my idea of fast food and pot noodles rolled into one. I challenge you to go to a takeaway place, queue up at lunch time and get your food faster than you can make this meal. You can scale it up and down for as many people as you need to feed. You can make it with minimal ingredients and cooking tools. It’s healthy. It’s cheap. And yes, it’s ugly. I don’t care. It has a great personality. It’s not the best noodle dish you’ll ever eat, but when you’re eating it that fast I don’t mind.


1 serving of noodles (I use Sharwood’s dried egg noodles)
80g frozen peas (or whatever veg you have in the fridge/freezer!)
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 medium egg
a sprinkle of powdered ginger

Serves 1, but easily multiplied
Calories: 390
Takes about 8 minutes from start to finish

Stage one: Start to boil the kettle. Meanwhile, get out a pan and put the noodles and peas in it. Take out the rest of the ingredients so they’re at hand for stage two. When the kettle is boiled, cook the noodles and peas on the stove. This will take about 3 minutes.


Stage two: While the noodles and peas are cooking, put all the rest of the ingredients together. I do this in a glass. Then, using a fork, mix it all together.


Stage three: The noodles are done! Drain them, and then return them to the pan with the eggy mixture. Put everything back on the heat and stir so that the eggy mixture scrambles and cooks onto the noodles. This will take about a minute. And now you’re done! Eat.



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